Discussion: The 3 Most Important Things

Here is our opinion of the three most important things an individual can do to prepare their household for disaster.

What 3 things would you choose? Please reply in the comments!

Buy some gallon jugs of water and put them in your house.  Put a few in your car.  Yes, it takes up space, but what is trivial now will be vital later.

Get a portable radio – just a normal AM/FM radio that you can carry around.  Carry spare batteries, or get a radio with a recharging crank.  That radio will be your most important source of information in the difficult days after the event.

Buy a fire extinguisher (around $30 for the small, household kind).  Fire is the most dangerous consequence of earthquakes (a result of broken gas lines, etc.).  Our first mission after a big shake is to find and extinguish small fires.  Buy more than one, if you can afford it: be ready to share with your neighbors (because if their house burns, it might burn your house and the whole neighborhood!)

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