Neighbor Plan: Success update.

My scheme is working!  Slowly and steadily, but it’s working.

Nextdoor map of my block, February 5, 2015.

Compare the Nextdoor map of my block from today (right) to the map from January 14 (below). It is satisfyingly greener!

Also compare the numbers:  123 members in the neighborhood today vs. 103 three weeks ago.  Twenty folks have signed up (throughout the neighborhood, not just on my block) and I can say with certainty that most of them did so because of my invitation.

My block – N 71st Street between Dayton & Fremont – on  (Click for larger view.)
Nextdoor map of my block, January 14, 2015.

My “accepted invitation” count stands at 18, by far the highest in the neighborhood. I say this not to boast – (well, a little!) – but to indicate that concerted action can have a noticeable effect.

Looking forward, I posted on the Event Calendar the upcoming February 9 meeting of Phinney Hub.  There have been 7 replies: 3 “coming” and 4 “maybe.” This is a good result, based on my experience with and other outreach tools.

The message traffic on Nextdoor concerns normal neighborhood business: mainly requests for referrals to services (like a remodeler or a dog-walker). We do have one animated discussion about a proposed “a-pod-ment” that will bring more residents without more parking.  The mayor wrote to ask us to thank the Seahawks.  No word yet from the Office of Emergency Management, though they have said they are looking into Nextdoor as a channel for outreach.

I will post a reminder announcement for the upcoming Phinney Hub meeting, which will reach 1,460 nearby neighbors, according to the site.  We’ll see what that does for our attendance!

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