Agenda – February 9 Meeting: The Disaster Games

Monday, February 9, 2015
Phinney Center, 6532 Phinney Ave. N (upper, blue building; Map)
7:30 pm – 8:45 pm (optional Ham radio check-in at 7:00 pm) – 75 minutes
Download a PDF version of this agenda.

1. Welcome: Objectives of the Meeting – 5 minutes
David B. will speak to the objectives of the meeting, which are embodied in this agenda.

2. Listen First: Successes & Goals – 20 minutes
We will hear from each person about a successful action they have taken to strengthen their own response capability, and about an unmet goal they want to achieve.

3. Introduction to the Doctrine – 10 minutes
David B. will introduce the Neighborhood Earthquake Response Doctrine, a training tool he is proposing for use in our neighborhood.

4. Prizes and Surprises – 5 minutes
If you bring a working flashlight to the meeting, you will get a free light-stick.  Then there will be a fun, surprise activity!

5. Which Team are you on? – 5 minutes
We will self-select into three Teams:

  • People (and their needs), focusing on First Aid;
  • Material (as in “the material world”), focusing on Search & Rescue;
  • Information, focusing on Radio Communication.

6. Team planning huddles – 20 minutes
Each team will have a preliminary planning huddle to say hello and brain-storm objectives for their team.  Because of the short time, the goal is not to agree, but rather to get many ideas on the table.

7. Reports and Wrap-Up – 10 minutes
We will hear a quick report from each team about the objectives they came up with.  We will look forward to possible future meetings and plans.


Notes: There are two parking lots at the Phinney Center, one above and one below. (The meeting is above, in the blue building.) The entrance to each parking lot is on N 67th Street. For more information, e-mail David B. at, or call or text 206-913-1021. Download a PDF version of this agenda.

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