Meeting Report: Kelly Kasper on Household Preparedness

We had nine people and two kids (plus Kelly, our presenter, and me) at the March 9 meeting of Phinney Hub.  Not bad, though of course one would always like to see the room packed to the walls.  (It will be packed in the days after a quake, that’s for sure!)

Kelly gave a great presentation about Household Preparedness.  Here are a few of her special tips, drawn from many years teaching industrial safety and disaster preparedness:

  • Rather than a “disaster,” she talks about preparing for an “interruption.”  This is brilliant, because: 1) it tells us to be ready for a lack of usual services and supplies, and 2) it points us to the goal of “getting back to normal as soon as possible.”  An “interruption” is not the end of the world as we know it, but rather a temporary condition that we can prepare for, live through, and recover from.
  • She advises to “start with what you care about,” like your kids or pets.  Think about why you are making these preparations, and you’ll be motivated to do it.
  • She emphasizes preventing damage in advance – i.e. “mitigation” – by strapping down furniture and securing objects on shelves and in cabinets.
  • Reuniting your family will be the only thing you can think about until you are together again, so crisis communications are critical, she says.  Pick an out-of-area contact and give that contact information to each member of your family.  Don’t forget to tell the out-of-area contact!
  • Recheck your disaster kit every six months.  Spring and fall are good times, around the time that Daylight Savings Time changes.  Use the change of seasons to adapt the contents of your kit to the weather that’s coming up!

We at Phinney Hub are grateful for Kelly’s support!  You can reach Kelly at 206-397-4283 or on her web site at

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