All the References

Our References Page is updated.  We have chosen items that give you the most information in the most accessible way, as best we can judge.  We’ve added some of our own recently-published material, as well. (Please see and evaluate the Complete Concise Guide to Earthquake Preparedness and Response in the Home.  We would value your feedback!)

We’ve also added a Videos page where you can see what it’s like inside a home or office during an earthquake.  You can viscerally understand why it’s necessary to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at the first sign of shaking. You can also see the value of securing the furniture and fixtures inside your home.

We are now at work creating a system to help you organize your block of neighbors to provide mutual aid in an earthquake emergency. Block-level organization is a difficult thing to accomplish, yet it is the most valuable preparedness effort we can make after getting our own homes ready.

Please feel free to be in touch with us at

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