Who we are

Phinney Hub is a community organization that practices earthquake response in our neighborhood.  We are in Seattle, Washington, in the neighborhood of Phinney Ridge, in an area known as “North Seattle,” west of Greenlake. (Map)

Our Vision Is:

“To create a resilient community capable of meaningful response to a major earthquake or other disaster in the immediate aftermath before professional responders are available.”

Our mission is threefold:
  1. To help households strengthen their independent capability to respond to a major earthquake or disaster, on a block-by-block level.
  2. To make connections among people and organizations who have skills and resources that will be useful in a disaster, on a neighborhood level.
  3. To provide information-sharing systems that will enable volunteer responders at all levels to cooperate effectively in the aftermath of a disaster.
Our programs are in development

We are engaged with the Phinney Neighborhood Association, the Seattle Hubs Network, the Seattle Office of Emergency Management, the Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service and the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to help establish an Emergency Communications Hub at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, where “community members come together to exchange information, share resources and problem solve together after a disaster.”

In addition, we are researching the aggressive use of social media – this web site, a Twitter feed, and other tools – to promote preparedness and to coordinate response activities.


We’re just getting started (February 2015).  We are planning good stuff.  If you want to keep in touch with us, please:

Thank you!

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