Household preparedness is the foundation of Neighborhood Disaster Response. Each household is responsible to provide shelter and supplies for its member for one to three weeks. Some preparation and planning is required to create this capability. Here are resources to give you the information you need.

Our Publications

General Preparedness Guides

There are many general guides to earthquake preparedness, and they all say basically the same thing. We have chosen references that give you the most useful information in the most accessible form (as best we can judge). Read several, and you’ll see the common threads.  You can get a sense of how they may apply to you. Then, you can decide what action is appropriate in your situation.

Disaster Supply Kits

We have chosen several checklists with different levels of detail.  Pick the one that is most useful to you.  In all cases, try to collect supplies for 2 weeks in your home, and for 3 days in your car, and at work or school.

Family Emergency Plans

The objective of a family plan is to allow the family to find each other in the chaos following an earthquake. If phones are down, each member of the family needs to know where to go to find the others.  If phones are available, each family member must have a list of relevant contact numbers.  We have chosen two formats – one simple and one more complete.

Particulars: Water, Toilets, Pets, Mental Health

Scenarios & Effects

For advanced reading about earthquake effects, and about planning on a city and regional level, see our Advanced Page.